A better Stats package: FastStats

One thing that has become more and more of an issue in my life are FPS meters. The venerable Mr Doob’s Stats class just does’t cut it anymore…

This issue is, on mobile devices, often the FPS meter can create a significant load on your app, skewing your test results. This is especially an issue when running in GPU Render Mode, or using Stage3D. As a result, native ports or Mr Doobs’ class have emerged for Starling and ND2D.

That’s cool, but also annoying, as you are stuck searching down these custom ports every time you do a certain type of project. What’s more, the Starling version in particular is not very well optimized, defeating the entire purpose.

All in all it’s a bit of a mess.

To that end I’ve created one stats tracker which you can use for all your projects, and know that it is as performant as possible. It supports Starling, ND2D as well as the Native Display List.

It uses cached bitmapData/texture’s to render the stats, only updates once every 1000ms. It uses only 2 textures to render the entire thing, making it perfectly suited for high performance GPU based rendering.

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