PicShop launches!

We’re extremely excited to announce the release of our latest creation, PicShop Photo Editor! Available today for both iPad and Android.

Where TouchUp was good for your basic edits, PicShop takes it one step further offering you more power, more options and a much improved design.

For more details, check out our product page here:

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32 Comments to “PicShop launches!”

  1. Yann says:

    Is it pure AS3 or Flex based ?

  2. Karen says:

    I just downloaded pic shop last night. I am unable to complete all edits it freezes then try again less edits tried to save back to gallery and froze again. Please help

    • shawn says:

      Hi Karen, if this is on iOS, it’s a bit of a known issue, and a patch is pending approval in iTunes (should be today!)

      • Alice Long says:

        Hello, Shawn.

        I just did a free update on my picshop app–I think it was Sunday evening. Anyway, ever since I updated, I cannot get my picshop app to stay open. It shows what looks like the beginning nanoseconds of the usual start-up screen, then goes off. Back to my iPhone screen.

        What can a desperate e.artist do?!! Mayday! Maybe it’s an act of God, and I really DO need to edit some fiction, but . . . I gotta have my picshop.

        Any suggestions, remedies, etc., will be appreciated.

        Alice Long

  3. Brenda says:

    I just downloaded the app and it freezes on a blank black page.. I can’t see anything but if i click on the app logo on the top I can see the pop up window of the different themes. I even tried to uninstall and install again the app, but nothing changed. Quite a big problem.
    I have got an iphone 4 with ios 4.3.1 and I bought the universal version of the app, but I still didn’t try it on the ipad.

  4. Cher says:

    App won’t save image to camera roll. Message says, “oops, try saving later.” what is the fix for this?


  5. Chris Peters says:

    Just bought picshop and was very excited to try it. The app seems to have real promise but right now it’s basically useless on my iPad and all it does is freeze up. I really hope your patch comes out soon so I can continue using your app and believe it can be a great product down the road. You need to understand how we feel about this because you changed almost 5.00 for it and normally means the app is supposed to work. Maybe it is related to the latest iOS update? Thanks for listening.

    • shawn says:

      Hi Chris, I totally understand, I would be upset too! Thanks for the report, we’ll test with iOS 5.1, haven’t done so yet.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hello, I recently purchased your Picshop application only to find out it does not save any image. If I get no responce from this query I will report it to apple.
    I am using an iPod generation 4 if it helps.

    • shawn says:

      Hey Elijah, I’ve never seen that issue so I’m not sure whats going on. There’s a new Update coming soon based on Adobe AIR 3.3, which may contain bug fixes for your issue (not sure since I can’t replicate).

  7. Les says:

    I purchased Picshop and downloaded it to my Playbook. It will NOT open photos from my library. A message pops up saying something went wrong, please try again. This is beyond frustrating, hopefully you are able to help me fix the problem so I can begin to use this app.

  8. Brice says:

    Kindle Fire? PicShop Lite does not seem to work. Will a future version be compatible? Would gladly pay but this seems to be a common issue on the Fire.

  9. Les says:

    That’s great about the kindle Fire fix, but I would like a reply regarding this app which will not work on my Playbook. Thanks

    • shawn says:

      There’s no known issues with the Playbook. I get lots of emails from user’s who disable permissions when the app is installed, then think it’s my fault when the app can’t open images. It gets a little tiring responding to people who don’t know how to operate their own device… sorry if I missed yours?

      Likely you need to go into your security settings and re-enable the permissions you manually disabled. If that’s not the issue, give me a shout and we’ll go from there :)

  10. Andrew says:

    I am using the original iPad with the latest iOS and have just downloaded your pro version.

    I get the same freezing issues as reported earlier and that you seem to have promised to fix on March 5th… The error is when trying to save to camera roll and photos.

  11. Andrew says:

    Continuing on from my last comment:
    The issue appears to only happen when saving to the highest quality image – the low and medium saved OK without freezing.

  12. Kiril says:

    This is done with flash? GPU mode? :

    INCREDIBLE! I’m buying it just to get a renewed sense of what is possible with the flash platform for mobile devices.

    If you don’t mind me asking, did you use any native extensions on the project?

  13. Maria Woodring says:

    I’m not able to save any pictures on my iPad. How do I do this or how do I get my money back?

  14. Ian says:

    I am using the lite version but then purchased the extra unlock options £2.99
    Edits do not always save thus having to hit save numerous times before you see the confirmation message.
    Screen freezes once email has been sent, now I can’t can or remove the email screen I now see thus unable to continue software.
    I am using original iPad with latest ios system.
    Real pain not being able to clear email screen that is frozen on as I now have to uninstall again.
    I can live with hitting the save button but this problem was mentioned in March and problem is still happening.

  15. Ian says:

    I also forgot to mention, when selectings Hats or Love etc all is fine BUT when you select Moustache the background is so dark it’s very hard to see anything as the Moustache is black ?

  16. Ben S. says:

    Hi! I downloaded your app, but it opens to a blank screen with “picshop 2.5″ at the top and doesn’t go any further. If I tap the name of the app I can select a color for the theme, but that’s it. Am I missing something here?

  17. Keith says:

    I’m having the same problem. Tried a delete and re-install … no dice.
    The app seems to do something while saving. But no result is to be found.
    *****My successful work-around is to mail the finished photo to myself. Anybody got another idea?? Much appreciated. I love this app an would gladly give ***** if I could figure out the save issue…
    … Keith.

    • shawn says:

      Hi Keith, I think this happens when the device gets low on memory. You could try closing other applications to free up some space?

  18. Adrienne says:

    I published my image to my FB account from my iPad mini. I can see the photo as an album titles Picshop photo editor but can’t see it on my FB page, in my camera roll or select it in Picshop! Help!

  19. Norin says:

    I cant save any photos either. Asus tf700

  20. dennisvjames says:

    Need to reduce the px from 1500 px to 450 px. How do i do that?

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